• Batteries in Lantana, FL

    Batteries ought to be checked and preserved to make sure the performance of your vehicle's electric system. Come to Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair for batteries and battery replacement in Lantana, FL.

  • Cooling System Repair in Lantana, FL

    Cooling Systems reduce heat to help all other engine parts function properly. Get your Cooling System replaced today by Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair in Lantana, FL


  • Driveline Repair in Lantana, FL

    Drivelines maintain your car running properly when appropriately maintained. Visit Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair for quality, competitive driveline repair in Lantana, FL.

  • Engine Repair and Diagnostics in Lantana, FL

    When the Examine Engine Light switches on, or at the first sign of engine problems, Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair can run a complete engine diagnostics test, and take care of your engine repair.

  • Oil Changes in Lantana, FL

    Oil and filters should be replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Get your next oil change in Lantana, FL today with Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair!

  • Preventative Maintenance in Lantana, FL

    Preventative Maintenance is the greatest way to extend the life of your car and protect against costly repairs eventually. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair offers quality affordable auto repair and car service in Lantana, FL.

  • Tire Installation in Lantana, FL

    The life expectancy of a tire depends on road conditions, driving habits, usage, and tire. Tires need to be changed at the very least every 6 years. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair offers quality affordable Tire Installation in Lantana, FL.

  • Tire Repair in Lantana, FL

    Flat Tires can easily trigger the edge of the wheel to relax on the tire tread or on the area, possibly cause a blowout or a loss of control of the car or irreversible damage to the tire. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair do quick top quality flat tire repair. Come see us for your upcoming flat tire repair in Lantana, FL!

  • Tire Rotation in Lantana, FL

    Proper Tire Rotation helps encourage even wear to your tires, extending their life, and improving safety. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair offers quality affordable Tire Rotation in Lantana, FL

  • Nitrogen in Lantana, FL

    Do you feel like you are constantly inflating and re-inflating your tires? If you want a better, more efficient way to keep your tires inflated, you should try nitrogen inflation

  • Transmission Repair in Lantana, FL

    Transmission Fluid ought to be flushed and the filter changed every 30,000 miles address typical transmission issues. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair delivers quality budget friendly Transmission Repair in Lantana, FL.

  • Tune Up in Lantana, FL

    Tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle and decrease the need to replace engine parts that are vulnerable to wear and tear. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair provides top quality budget friendly Tune ups in Lantana, FL.

  • Wheel Alignments in Lantana, FL

    Wheel Alignment is the position of your wheels to a standard that is set for your vehicle. To keep effective command of your vehicle, your wheels should be properly aligned. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair offers top quality, inexpensive auto repair services.

  • Muffler Repair in Lantana, FL

    Have to pass your emissions testing? Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair delivers exhaust system assessment, and muffler repair in Lantana, FL.

  • Air Conditioning Repair in Lantana, FL

    Heating and A/C ought to be inspected seasonally to keep your automobile comfortable. Palm Beach Tire Pros & Auto Repair offers quality car air conditioning repair services.

  • Check Engine Light in Lantana, FL

    Your Check Engine Light (CEL) warns you that your vehicle's computer found a malfunctioning component in your emission control system. You may see "check engine," "service engine soon," or "check powertrain." Or, the light may show an engine picture, perhaps with the word "Check." To determine the actual problem, we use an electronic scan tool or a diagnostic computer to retrieve Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).

  • Commercial Roadside Assistance in Lantana, FL

    Your work vehicles may break down, get a flat, or have electrical issues that stop you on the roadside. That is why we have a full service team that is here to help. If something happens out on the road, call us and we'll get a technician to you ASAP. Feel free to add our number to your phone for those "just in case" scenarios.

  • Electrical Service in Lantana, FL

    Your vehicle depends on a properly working electrical system. Four main parts make up this system, and they must work together effectively.

  • Engine Rebuilding in Lantana, FL

    Looking to save some money and still have the power and gas mileage you are looking for? Instead of buying a new motor and having it installed, we will rebuild your motor at an affordable cost. The engine rebuilding process is described below.

  • Farm Service Calls in Lantana, FL

    Is your tractor or trailer tire blown, going flat, or got you stuck? We offer our farm service call as a solution. Call us and we will send out a service truck to evaluate the tire and take care of it on the spot. If the tire is beyond repair, we'll get you a replacement estimate and get you back to work.

  • Forklift Tires in Lantana, FL

    Forklift tires may seem like a simple tire; however, if you have used a forklift, you know that forklift tires offer both machine stability and support. Depending on the situation, the right tire ensures driver and load safety.

  • Other Services in Lantana, FL

    We offer a wide array of automotive services and it would be nearly impossible for us to list every single service. If you don't see the specific service listed on our services page, give us a call and if we can't help you out, we'll direct you to the right place.

  • Performance Parts in Lantana, FL

    Customize your vehicle with cool accessories. Whether it's for your interior or exterior, we have something for everyone. When it comes to detailing, performance, or maintenance accessories talk to our professionals and we will help to find what you need.

  • Radiators in Lantana, FL

    Have you ever had a cold or the flu and you've spiked a fever, causing your temperature to rise? It's not fun to feel that way, is it? Being sick and overheated causes a person to be tired, and their performance drops significantly. Now imagine this same situation happening to your vehicle. When your radiator is not working properly, it is like giving your engine a fever.

  • Residential Roadside Assistance in Lantana, FL

    Ever had your battery light come on or run out of gas? Have you locked your keys in the car or left a light on? Unplanned events often put you in a tough spot. Luckily, we offer full roadside assistance. We send a technician out to your location to fix the problem and do our best to get you back on the road. For serious breakdowns, we tow your vehicle to our shop to fix it right away. Please call or email us for more information.